A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis

Amazing Grace

Heather’s pain was her failed marriage. She tried alcohol to escape but it just made things worse. The worse things got the more she drank. The more she drank the worse things got. Down and down she went. Finally, she got so desperate that she threw herself on the mercy of her Maker. What happened …

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When I was a child, I focused on myself. I was selfish and that means I was childish. My own spiritual journey was the only thing I cared about. After I realized from learnings that I needed to find the meaning of self, others, the world, and God, my thought process while I learned has …

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Game is over!

It looks like Satan is winning a game against God because many people fall into Satan’s temptation. People think like that. However, that is a total misunderstanding. How can Satan win a game when the game is already over? The game is already finished! You are a trophy of God’s grace! Once you believe in …

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